Preparing the Cake Pan for Perfection

To get a great looking cake from the tin it just takes a pencil, parchment paper (not wax paper), scissors, cooking spray, and flour.   First, take your pan and place it on top of parchment paper.  Then, take the pencil and trace the pan on the parchment paper.  Cut the circle out of the parchment paper from just barely inside the circle, not the outside. 

The paper should fit just right in the cake pan when you place the cutout inside.  Take the paper cutout out of the pan and set aside.  Next, spray your pan evenly on the sides and bottom of the pan.  Then, take the paper cutout and place it in the pan.  The spray helps hold the paper in the pan.  Then spray the parchment paper lightly.  Take a 1/4 cup of flour place it in the pan.  rock and swirl the sides of the pan to get a nice even powder on the bottom and sides of the pan.   Dump the extra flour from the pan into the sink.  Fill the prepared cake pan halfway full of batter and when the cake is done baking let it cool completly before flipping the cake over to remove it from the pan.  Good luck! I hope this tips helps you! 

Cake pan tins.jpg